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The selfie of FORTY LASHES by SamoanPrincess555
The selfie of FORTY LASHES
Patrick: what's he gonna do to us spongebob
Spongebob: he'll probably give us FORTY LASHES
Patrick: oh nooo

This heresy selfie of me with the forty lashes
i was tagged by the lovely Cracked-Limbs 
this was normal suppose to be with my costume for Halloween but I forgot so I try them on after hope you like t :3

i tag Kiss-the-Iconist Angorstuura and FeatheredDragonWing 
It was now in the mid afternoon as Samoanette was walking into the woods up to Moular Mountain. She had already gave her card to Shanette, which happily loved it and had return a bone-crushing hug; so that was all settled, Samoanette then have to give her other card to Wooly. The walk was long (only about 20 to 35 minutes), but she was able to make it up to the mountain. Big, fluffy Sheep's were everywhere, mostly they were in a group. Samoanette looked around, searching for the cowboy smurf. She kept looking for him till she someone whistling the "Lalala" song. The young Islander followed the whistling till she notice a smurf up on a small hill that was whistling the tune; it was no other than wooly himself, sitting on a boulder while sharpening his shearer. Samoanette smiled as she rushed over to him, shouting out his name.

Samoanette: Wooly!!

The cowboy smurf stopped what he was doing as he heard someone shouting his name. He turned to see Samoanette, and smiled waving to her.

Wooly: Hey Samy! It's good to ya baby girl!

Wooly stood up, setting his tool down and raised his arms out for her. Samoanette rushed to him and jumped into his embrace, making them both fell back down. She gave him a big kiss on the cheek, smiling to him. wooly chuckled,a hint of blush spread across his blue cheeks; he ruffled her hair. They both  sat up and smiled to each other.

Wooly: so what smurfs ya out here?

Samoanette: what, am I not allow to come see my big brother?

Wooly couldn't help but smile to her. Samoanette smiled back as she stood up and went to get her basket and reached down to get her card.

Samoanette: but also, I smurf here to smurf you a happy valentines.

She sat back down and handed him her valentine card. Wooly took a look at it and his lips curled into a smile as he reads.

Wooly: aww Samoanette, ah thank you kindly, this is just too sweet.

He looped an arm around Samoanette, hugging her tightly. They both let go and started chatting; they've been talking for a while now, telling stories of how things are back at the village, and how things are at Moular Mountain. Both laughed in a while when their conversation gets pretty funny.

Samoanette: heheheheheh did that really happen?

Wooly: yeah, and the poor lil' critter got stuck ah had to pull him out heheheh.

Samoanette giggled before looking to him, then she slightly look down in deep thought. Wooly notice it and slightly frowned, knowing what she's thinking about...

Wooly: what's on your mind?....

Samoanette sighed when she took out her Valentine gift for Painter, and stared at it for a while.

Samoanette: Wooly...what am I smurfing?...

Wooly: your staring at a chocolate box and a letter...

Samoanette had to giggle at that part, but still she stared down at her gift.

Samoanette: No, I mean what am I really smurfing...I'm about to confess something that I kept for months to a smurf that I kept it from, but.....for some reason...I can't...because I think he won't accept it...

Wooly blinked a couple of times, confused to what she's saying.

Wooly: now what makes ya say that?

He placed a hand on Samoanette's back, rubbing it gently. Samoanette closed her eyes and turned her head away, facing the other direction.

Samoanette: well it's just...i don't think he'll accept this...

She looked back to her Valentine gift, reaching down and picking up the letter and looking at it...

Samoanette: I don't think he'll accept my feelings for him...what if....what if this ruins our friendship...what if he doesn't want to see me anymore...

Samoanette trailed off in deep thought while Wooly, who was listening to what she has to say, was staring at her.

Samoanette: maybe this is a bad idea...maybe I shouldn't do this...

Samoanette hung her head sadly, clenching the letter close to her chest. Wooly looked to her worriedly; he always hates how she is when she's in an unsmurfy mood. Wooly thought of some ways to give her some confidence, or to at least cheer her up, he always finds ways to cheer her up. It wasn't long till he thought of something. He placed a hand on her shoulder and looked to see her face.

Wooly: now look here sweetheart, ah know it ain't my business, but ya got to stop with the worrying it ain't healthy for ya...

Wooly looked to her to see if she would respond, but nothing happened so he thought of something else.

Wooly: remember when you ran off because some smurf scolded you for being..."accident prone", guess who went looking for you and went to comfort you?

Samoanette slowly looked up to him then back to the ground.

Samoanette: well, mostly it's you but it was also Painter as well.

Wooly chuckled and ruffled her head, smiling sweetly.

Wooly: well yeah I did, but really it's Painter that went looking you ya, and ya know why, cause that's how much he cares for ya baby girl. And ya know somethin' else, if you had give him, or even tell him your feelings, he'll might have the same feelings. Ya can't just think that he won't cause he will. And if things goes bad or unsmurfy, ah'll be here for ya...

As he finished what he had to say, Samoanette looked to him and smiled to the cowboy smurf. She scooted up and hugged him tenderly.

Samoanette: thanks Wooly, this really means a lot abou what you said.

Wooly smiled as he looped an arm around her and kissed her on the forehead.

Wooly: anytime baby girl.

Both shared another hug before getting up...

Wooly: well since your here why don't ya help me out with the Sheeps for a lil' bit? That, if your not too busy or anything.

Samoanette: oh no, I be happy to help Wooly.

Samoanette smiled as to Wooly did the same...

Wooly: well alrighty then.

And so both sheep shearer smurf and the young islander smurfette watch over the Sheeps and hung out till tonight's party comes.
My Smurfy Valentines: Chapter 8
Wow , it's been a while since I worked on this story.
finally was able to finish a chapter to my Smurfy Valentines. In this chapter Samoanette goes to Moular Mountain to see her big bro Wooly, and he gives her some guidance and encourages her to do what she feels is right...

hope you guys like it, their will be more to come.. 

Summary:Samoanette wanted to make something smurfy for Painter on valentines day, but feared it won't be good enough...will he accept her gift and her love?...

Chapter 1-
Chapter 2-
Chapter 3-
Chapter 4-
Chapter 5-
Chapter 6-
Chapter 7-
Chapter 8- HERE!!
Chapter 9 - coming soon

Wooly Smurf, Painter Smurf, Smurfs (c) Peyo
Shanette (c) Cracked-Limbs 
Samoanette,  ART (c) ME!
Guess Who by SamoanPrincess555
Guess Who
Take a wild guess, who these guys are...
I'll give you guys some hints:
Their both from animation films/comic
one is a 3D film
the other a stop-motion film
and the last a 2D (hand-drawn) film
and their both dogs beagles (and one bird)
Geraldene's Coronation look by SamoanPrincess555
Geraldene's Coronation look
this here's a pic of Geraldene (Genderswap version of Gerard from Peyo's comic "Adventures of Johan and Peewit"/"the Smurfs") all dress and looking beautiful for her coronation. this is way before she became Queen. I made her hair into a braided bun (like Elsa's hair from Frozen) and her dress more different. this is actually what she'll look like when theirs a party or some special event...but other then that, this is her when she became Queen.
hope you like it guys

Gerard (c) Peyo
Geraldene, ART (c) ME!
copied this from the lovely Cracked-Limbs 

I____ you.
You should _______.
Someday I will ______.
You + me = ________.
If I saw you now I'd __________.
I want to ________ you.
I would build a _______ just for you.
If I could sing you any song it would be _________.
We could __________ under the stars.
(P.S. ______________.)

Oh and I am __________ (going/not going) to post this in my journal and see what you write about me.

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